Mathias Hein Jessen

Lecturer, PhD


Phone: (+45)38153573

Mathias Hein Jessen (b. 1984) holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School and an MA and PhD in The History of Ideas from Aarhus University. His dissertation, entitled Sovereign bodies – Constitution and construction of State, subject and corporation, dealt with the emergence of the modern State as the sole legitimate claimant to political authority and allegiance and the entailing delegitimization of other corporate bodies and collective entities as political subjects and the positing of the essential political relationship as being that between the State and the individual. He has worked extensively on the history of political and economic thought and contemporary sociology and political theory and philosophy. He works in the cross-field between philosophy, politics, economics, law, sociology and history (of ideas). His current work concentrates on how the distinction and demarcation between state, market and civil society are constantly constructed and produced and how this entails a construction of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ civil society.

For more information about the project: Good and bad civil society.