Danish civil society from a comparative perspective

This sub-project draws on republican theories of democracy to develop an original theoretical lens through which to rethink ‘Civil Society’. In the republican-democratic view, Civil Society is not a ‘third sector’ beyond the state and the market as in the currently dominant liberal understanding of the concept. Rather, Civil Society designates a political community (or in modern times a state), in which 
a) the control of the state apparatus lies in the hands of an empowered citizenry, and 
b) a “moral economy” has been constitutionalized, in the form of basic socio-economic rights to all citizens.
Civil Society, then, is not what lies beyond the ‘logics’ of ‘the state’ and ‘the market’, but rather refers to a society, which has been both politically and economically democratized.
Based on this republican concept of civil society, the historical-empirical part of the subproject compares main lines in the development of modernity in China and Western Europe (including Denmark) to ask:
1) Why did the liberal vision of Civil Society as a non-state sphere come to eclipse the classical republican vision of civil society as democratic statehood in Western European societies?  
2) Why has the vision of Civil Society – whether in its liberal or democratic-republican form – not (yet) become a dominant concept in modern Chinese society?
3) What are the conditions of possibility for a revival of the republican vision of Civil Society in both Western Europe and China?

This subproject is carried out by Andreas Møller Mulvad.


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Another exciting summer for the CISTAS project!

Researchers from the CISTAS project have participated with papers on several conferences including ISA, LSA, CSSI, PROS, EGOS & SASA during the summer.
Cistas project receives a Marie Skodlowska-Curie Post-Doctoral Fellowship September 2018.

PhD scholarships in young people's self-organised networks and communities, democratic governance and social media.

Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a three-year position as PhD scholarships in the CISTAS project at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP). Application deadline 1.10.18
Civil Society Research at EGOs

Together with leading scholars in the field, CISTAS project places civil society research on the agenda at EGOs through a SWG
Workshops at MatchPoints Aarhus 2018

CISTAS participates at the MatchPoints seminar with two workshops