Cistas forsker modtager bevilling fra Carlsbergfondet
Lars Bo Kaspersen modtager 1.101.840 Kr til at skrive monografen "Den Eksperimenterende Velfærdsstat".

Om projektet: 
This is a book project about the Danish welfare state. It demonstrates the uniqueness of the Danish welfare state as an unintended outcome of hundreds of civil society associations which experimented to find workable solutions to the many social and economic problems Denmark was facing in the 19th century. In the second part of 20th century the social-democrats turned Denmark into a top-down-welfare state based upon universalism. In the 21st century we have seen a return to a more experimental welfare model. Voluntary associations, business and public institutions are testing new models of welfare services. We are back to the experimental welfare state. How will this shape welfare state and welfare society? Will voluntarism play a more significant role in the future?

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