Book Launch: Civil Society: Between Concepts and Empirical Grounds
Cistas-gruppen er stolte af at kunne præsentere deres nyeste udgivels: Civil Society: Between Concepts and Empirical Grounds, med bidrag fra flere af dets medlemmer. 

Forlagets beskrivelse (På engelsk): 
Examining the historical and social trajectories involved in the continuous development of civil society, this volume reveals the contextual nature of the process. Through empirical studies focusing primarily on Denmark and covering the period from 1849 to the present day, it analyses the manner in which civil society has been practised and transformed over time. Presenting a new theoretical framework informed by a relational and processual perspective, the book sheds new light on familiar questions pertaining to civil society, the production of its boundaries and spaces of action, and the means by which these spaces can become causal factors. A fresh intervention in the study of a concept that has been central in defining ideas of solidarity and the common good, and to which researchers and politicians look for solutions to the great challenges of our time, Civil Society: Between Concepts and Empirical Grounds will appeal to scholars of sociology, politics, history and philosophy with interests in civil society.

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