Call for contributions til Voluntas special udgave:

Civil Society Organizations: the Site of Legitimizing the Common Good.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are experiencing significant public and academic
attention, especially as suppliers of social cohesion, promoters of active citizenship and
safeguards of the common and greater good in society through their special characteristics
and values. Following, CSOs have been championing their contribution as the rescuer/savior
not just of the traditional welfare state but also of national cohesion as such.
However, CSOs do not by definition create social cohesion and contribute to the common
good. Recently researchers have shown that many voluntary-based associations, cooperatives,
mutual funds, philanthropic organizations, transnational advocacy groups and, more recently,
social entrepreneurs, have purposes closely related to their particular interest and are not
necessarily directed towards a common good (Alexander, 2006; Frantz & Fuchs, 2014). Even
though their legitimizations and justifications often are articulated as a collective engagement
towards the making of a “better society” and a willingness to contribute to the “Greater
Good” linked to positive characteristics of Civil Society, one cannot just study these
organizations and associations as good per se (Dekker, 2014)...
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Special udgave editorer:
Liv Egholm (Copenhagen Business School)
Liesbet Heyse (University of Groningen)
Damien Mourey (IAE Paris, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne)

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