Call for papers to conference on movements and morality

The impetus for the conference stems from the feeling of a need to revisit the normative
foundations of collective action and research in social movements in light of a societal
development that has been described as a return to the US ‘gilded age’: An age of
increasing material inequality and concentration of power and influence within a small
elite. At the same time, the financial crisis and the climate crisis, as well as war and conflict
and the displacement of millions of people has led to mobilization and ‘populism’ on both
the right and the left in the US and Europe. This situation calls for an evaluation of the
moral principles that are acted upon and that may thwart or foster hopes of a better
While social movements studies have made great progress when it comes to questions
of mobilization, identity, framing, spread, diffusion, recruitment etc. research into the
moral and normative experiences and principles that collective action implicitly or explicitly
relies upon has not received the same attention. In addition, after the fear of the mob of
the early 20th century had settled, social movement scholars have been motivated by a
sympathetic attitude towards the movements studied. But this attitude has often not been
supported by a developed normative position.
This conference aims to explore these matters: How can social movement scholars
explicate the normative principles and experiences of those they study? How can scholars
develop their own normative position? And could social movement scholars help locate,
develop, and spread languages of collective commitment?

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Call for papers to conference on movements and morality

The CISTAS group invites submission of abstracts and general registration for a two‐day conference on social movement and morality 28‐29th of May 2019.
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Researchers from the CISTAS project have participated with papers on several conferences including ISA, LSA, CSSI, PROS, EGOS & SASA during the summer.
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