Cistas presents at the 37th EGOS Colloquium
Cistas researcher Anders Sevelsted presented the following at 367h EGOS Colloquium 2020: Organizing for an Inclusive Society: Meanings, Motivations, and Mechanisms - in Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit:
Johansson, H., & Sevelsted, A. (2021). Exploring Civil Society Elites: Mechanisms, Positions, Resources, and Strategies. Paper presented at 37th EGOS Colloquium, Amsterdam, WWW.
The paper engages with what we refer to as a dual academic neglect in elite and civil society studies. Civil society and elite research have largely been kept apart, yet there is increasing evidence that they could benefit from closer integration. Civil society theorists have traditionally neglected the role of elites in civil society, as civil society has been identified with 'bottom up' processes and ideals of egalitarianism. Studies tend to stress civil society’s diversity with regards to the issues promoted, its limited internal coordination, and weak modes of recognised authority. Elite studies have mainly approached civil society leaders as lacking the resources, authority, and the capacity associated with the notion of elite.
More on the presentation here.

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