Cristine Dyhrberg Højgaard

Ph.D studerende
Telefon: (+45)38153549
Cristine Dyhrberg Højgaard's project (Dec 2018 – Okt 2022) is placed in the research fields of civil society and organizational studies and scrutinizes emerging forms of temporally flexible, non-membership-based civil society organizing in the borderlands between volunteering and civic action. She draws on a processual-relational ontology and practice theory in exploring how organizing plays out, the role of social media herein and what characterizes engagement produced in such organizing.

She is part of the research project Civil Society in the Shadow of the State ( and a member of the research organizations International Society of Third Sector Research (ISTR) and the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS).

She holds a MA in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen and have a decade of practical experience working with different issues pertaining to civil society development and socially disadvantaged youth through employment in state, municipality and a social housing association.