Movements and Morality Conference 28-29th May - Hosted by CISTAS

If you wish to participate in the conference Movements & Morality new deadlines have been made!
Course at the University of Copenhagen on voluntarism and the Welfare State: Consequences of the developments in the third sector and the civil society (in Danish)

In August the CISTAS project with Lars Bo Kaspersen and Christiane Mossin held a summer course investigating and discussing the third sector and the dilemmas and issues in relation to the civil society. How do we separate the state, the market and the civil society? Are voluntary organisations and associations able to take on more welfare services in Denmark? What kind of society can grow out of a stronger volunteer culture?
2. CISTAS conference 23. - 24. of May

Civilizing State and Society in the 21st Century: Rethinking the Dynamics between State, Market and Civil Society
Workshop (in Danish) on January 17th 2017

Could, should and must civil society be political?
Januar 17th 2017 Cistas will launch a workshop on could, should and must civil society be political ?

Cistas Participate in 41st Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association.

17-20 Nov, with the panel; Civil society on the edge - past, present and future avenues of civil society
Frivillighed, værdier og velfærd: Fremtidige muligheder for samarbejde

Du inviteres hermed til at deltage i workshoppen - Frivillighed, værdier og velfærd:
CISTAS seminar on Civil Society & Pragmatism

Civilsamfundets rolle i det fremtidige Danmark - med særligt fokus på folkeoplysning og folkeskolens udvikling

Workshop (in Danish) on April 27th, 2016: The Future of Danish Civil Society - Part 1

40th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association - panel on Civil Society in the Shadow of the State: The Case of Scandinavia

From the 12th-15th November 2015 the 40th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association will take place in Baltimore, MD. The theme of this year's conference is Pluralism and Community: Social Science History Perspectives. At the conference the researchers from the CISTAS-team will have a panel on the topic of Civil Society in the Shadow of the State: The Case of Scandinavia.
Join the opening conference of the project ‘The Civil Society in the Shadow of the State’

The conference will take place the 24th August from 9 am to 12.15 pm at Råvarebygningen, Copenhagen Business School.


How Transformative Innovation Movements Contribute to Transitions - New publication by Lara Monticelli

Lara Monticelli has contributed with a piece to the book: Atlas of Social Innovation 2nd Volume: A World of New Practices
Currently 21 CISTAS publications are now available and 15 more will be available within a year

CISTAS invites you to a workshop with Elisabeth Clemens

Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago is currently visiting CISTAS. On June 26 a workshop on process-relational sociology and comparative research have been arranged.
Conference season at CISTAS

Currently CISTAS are participating various conferences all around the world.
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